Whether you’re penning chickens or putting up ranch-style fencing around a small pasture, fencing keeps your enclosure safe. The Feed Bin provides wood and wire fencing to ensure the fencing you’re building is strong, durable and reliable for years to come. From timber and posts to welded wire and chicken wire, we’re your destination for fencing supply in Eureka, MT. We bring our customers materials they can rely on, so they can set up fencing and enclosures with confidence.

Wire Fencing

Building a new chicken coop? Putting up a perimeter around a new goat pen? Need to make repairs to an old wire fence that needs reinforcements? Our stock of wire fencing ensures you have the strong, durable materials required to construct a fence that keeps your livestock and other farm animals in, and predators out. From welded wire to woven wire, coated to barbed varieties, our goal is to bring you the wire fencing you need to have peace of mind about your perimeters.

Wood and Wire Fencing

Ranch fencing is a staple on any agricultural landscape or homestead. When you need the timber and wire products to assemble or repair an ag fence, turn to the experts at The Feed Bin. We serve the fencing supply needs of customers across Eureka, MT, to give you materials that come together in a durable, reliable, safe fencing solution. Whether you’re penning pigs or defining the edge of your pasture, we’re your destination for wood and wire fencing.

Quality Materials, Superior Fences

Building a durable, reliable enclosure starts with the right fencing materials. Whether it’s a chicken wire fence or a ranch-style fence that employs both timber and wire, The Feed Bin has the material you’re looking for. Visit us today to browse our selection of supplies or give us a call at 406-297-2612 to inquire about our selection or prices.