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Fertilizer and Compost

Cultivating a robust vegetable garden? Trying to nurture your forage seeds? The Feed Bin is your destination for fertilizer and compost products designed to create a rich soil microbiome that nourishes whatever you’re growing in it. We’re the preferred fertilizer and compost provider for Eureka, MT, bringing homeowners, homesteaders and agricultural operators the nutritious soil products they need to cultivate the land.
A hand sprinkling fertilizer and compost on a small plant.


We stock a range of nitrogen-rich fertilizers to help bring nutrients and balance to soil microbiomes. Whether you’re a rotational cropper seeking to supplement the next cycle of growth or are trying to support the ongoing production of strong, healthy crops season after season, we can provide you with a fertilizer that meets your needs. Our experts can recommend fertilizers based on composition or the condition of your soil, and even the crops you grow. We’re your authority on selecting the right soil supplements, no matter the situation.


Compost is a natural, organic way to restore a rich nutritional profile to your soil. We’re the authority on compost in Eureka, MT. Let us provide you with Organic Vegetable Compost and other specially formulated compost products designed to foster a robust soil nutritional profile. We can recommend the right compost for whatever you’re growing, whether it’s a vegetable garden or a prolific staple crop. We’ll ensure you get what you need to nurture your soil.

Nourish Your Soil

Soil needs the right balance of nutrients and nourishment to foster healthy growth, no matter if you’re growing food or forage. You’ll find the fertilizer and compost products you’re looking for at The Feed Bin. Let our experts recommend the right products for your soil, so you can focus on planting and growing with confidence. Reach us today at 406-297-2612 for more information about our selection of soil support products.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied customers are the life blood of our business
Always loved Feed Bin! Don't live in Eureka any more, but when I did, they always carried lots of natural fertilizers and other goodies. Thank you, Delbert and wife!!! We always appreciated you two!
Corla Rankin
"Great service and helped us choose what to buy."
We love the Feed Bin. Loretta and Delbert are always helpful in guiding us to what is the best option for our needs. Be it Chicken Feed, Hay, Alfalfa, Wheat berries, or just a simple Pigs Ear for our dog (waiting anxiously the truck) on those Saturday morning visits, the Feed Bin has never disappointed.
Robert Good
"Loretta & Delbert are the finest people to know! I’m always humbled when doing business at their Feed Bin! I’ve been happily buying most of my farm needs from A to Z. Am always incredibly happy."
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