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Hay and Straw

Whether you keep horses, cows, sheep or goats, the right feed goes a long way in keeping them happy and healthy. The Feed Bin is your destination for hay and straw products, rich in nutrients to keep your animals strong and well-fed. We strive to provide Eureka Montana livestock owners with a strong variety of hay and straw, so they can balance the nutrition of their livestock and other farm animals.
A green bale of hay in front of a wood fence.


We do our best to secure and have in stock good quality hay. Our selection of hay includes premium alfalfa, high quality grass, and a good grass-alfalfa mix. We want you to have the best hay for the best price we can possibly give you.


Good straw products are important to every livestock and home owner. It is useful for bedding, garden mulching, and even winterizing buildings. Our selection is according to availability. Usually it is barley straw or wheat straw. Weed free straw is available on request.

Feed Your Animals the Best

The health, wellbeing and production of cattle and other livestock depends heavily on their diet. If you’re looking for the best hay and straw options in Eureka, MT, you’ll find them at The Feed Bin. Contact us today at 406-297-2612 to discuss our different varieties or stop by today to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied customers are the life blood of our business
"Great service, good people"
Pamela Johnson
If they don't have what you need, they will try to find it for you. Wonderful people who care about their community and animals
Kathy Lincoln
"Great service and helped us choose what to buy."
"Loretta & Delbert are the finest people to know! I’m always humbled when doing business at their Feed Bin! I’ve been happily buying most of my farm needs from A to Z. Am always incredibly happy."
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